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Will the watch go out of the water?, enjoy the life Watch  2018-01-29

Watch water or fog that we may encounter in daily, a few days ago a friend asked about this problem, in fact, if we forget the daily wearing the watch off the bath or sauna, even waterproof watches, there may be water, not to say that the quality of the watch, because the water is very high easy gasification, water molecules will increase the distance, have the opportunity to watch it, so we don't long wearing the watch in high temperature heavy water environment. Will the watch get out of the water? Is it good to use an electric hair dryer? Such questions are all the questions of the table friends, and I answer all of them.

Will the watch get out of the water? Not necessarily, watch the situation, but into the water, will certainly undermine the watch performance, we should first remove the water inside the watch, such as available layers of toilet paper or hygroscopic cloth will watch closely wrapped, put in the 40 watt bulb near about 15 cm, bake about 30 minutes table clock, water vapor can be dispersed. But don't get too close to the fire, or damage the watch can also be Biumonds Hei, pan out, anti worn on the wrist, about two hours of water slowly disappear, the best is to use granular silica gel and has water watch together into a closed container, the number of hours, remove the watch, water that is all disappear. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the table. The silica gel, which has been absorbed several times, can be dried at 120 degrees for several hours, and the water absorption capacity is renewable, and it can be used repeatedly. Watch the water on the migang useful? Is it good to use an electric hair dryer? The first two methods are not, migang inside the material particles of dust, blocking watch parts operation possible, do not use, do not use hair dryer, hair dryer can be said is not a small electrical power, the magnetic field is not small, there may be on the watch of magnetization. In fact, we should pay more attention to watch less contact with water or watch less exposed to humidity or high temperature. If there is serious water intake, please immediately go to the professional repair shop for repair, so as not to cause more serious damage.

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