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What is the attestation of the observatory? Observatory attestation watch error mark?, enjoy the life Watch  2017-12-22

Q: what is the attestation of the observatory that everyone is talking about? Is it expensive?

Answer: identification of watch time.

The person who contacts the clock, talks about the time precision, all will want the observatory authentication. In everyone's impression, it has been certified by the watch, it seems to be able to become a high and handsome clock in the clock. And what kind of existence is it? Today, Xiao Wan will bring everyone together to uncover the mystery.
Does it have a deep historical origin with the meteorological observatory? The fact is, the two are not much of a relationship.
The Swiss astronomical observatory certification is made by the Swiss official Observatory test organization (C.O.S.C.) for the accuracy of the watches. The qualified watches are often referred to as Chronometer Observatory tables.
COSC certification test based on the mechanical movement is the international standard ISO3159 "precision watches with spring balance system". According to the standard, the certification samples should be in the 5 position, the 3 kinds of temperature after 16 days of continuous testing, calculation of 7 indicators including the average difference according to test data, but they all conform to the established standards, the tested samples can pass the authentication, we the -4 ~ +6 seconds for having heard it many times / day, in fact is just on average, 7 indicators of the difference in this one.
The watch with the word "chronometer" on the watch, the table of the observatory, is a precise and precise watch. Generally, the allowable error of mechanical watches is fifteen seconds per day. The observatory table pays special attention to movement, material and manual technology, which greatly reduces the daily error requirement to five seconds.
The watch is certified by the observatory. Generally speaking, the COSC core will float about 30% in price compared to the same core that does not pass through the COSC. The observatory do better have COSC certification customers include Rolex, OMEGA, Tissot, Mido, Breitling, Panerai and Chopin etc.. The price of the most popular Mido observatory!

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