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What about the retro wrist watch? What is a retro watch?, enjoy the life Watch  2018-01-03 

Happy New year, every body!

Question: Recently, I am fascinated by the retro wind and the meaning of the retro wrist watch.

Answer: the retro wind has always been a trend.
The wrist watch is handed down from the upper class society of that era. Gentlemen's temperament and social development are concentrated. No matter how rich the wrist watch market is today, the basic design of wrist watch still keeps the most original gentlemen's mark. Retro watches are not only the fashion pursuit of image, but the greater meaning is the way to explore the history of the brand. The design of watches that once had a sensation and filled with long history, culture and value is brought to the people who love the table.

Almost every historical brand likes to go back to the history. Every year, there will be some repetition of its classic watches. Now that you like the retro wind, you may as well pay more attention to it. Often, every watch is accompanied by a touching history.

In general, retro watch has many classic elements, such as Breguet needle, rail type scale, rose gold, guilloche and so on, but each has its own brand of retro elements, can not be generalized. These retro watch you choose.

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