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MIDO watch how moon phase watch adjusting time, date, month and week steps and details?, enjoy the life Watch  2018-01-04

MIDO moon watches, automatic mechanical watch, quartz watch adjustment methods are different, we introduce steps for adjusting the moon phase watch, first talk about adjusting the time to use the crown, it is very important, the crown has 3 stalls(12), stalls: a figure, is the first quarter position (s loose, not pulled out); gear two: set the date and month position (forward rotation) / phase position (backward rotation) (Ning Song, half out of gear: three); time setting position and adjust the position of the date of midnight (loosen completely out). It is necessary to note that when pulling to the file position three, you should gently pull out, do not use brute force to prevent excessive force on the damage to the watch.


1.Hour hand
2.minute hand
3.second hand
4.60 second timer
5.30 minute timer
6.12 hour timer
7.24 hour pointer
8.Calendar disk
9.week indicator
10.Month indicator ring
11.Month indicator
12.A watch crown for adjustment
13.Timer start / stop button
14.Timer reset button
15.Quick week tuning button

Time adjustment for MIDO watches:

Unscrew and carefully pull out the crown (12) III, (3) will stop at the second hand. Rotating the table forward or behind to set the time required. Once the time passes 12 points, it can be seen that the pointer is at midnight (when the date will change) or at noon (the date is constant).

About how to use the watch to make synchronization recommendations: second hand (3) and the official time signal (radio, TV, Internet) synchronization, the watch can be pulled to the crown position III, the second will immediately stop running. When you hear the time sound signal, please push the watch crown back to the position I and turn it back.

MIDO moon watch (8) date and month (10) calibration method  

Pull the watch crown (12) out to position II and rotate forward until the required date (8) is displayed. Your watch will continue to work as usual in the execution of this operation, so you don't have to adjust the time.

How to adjust the MIDO watch the moon

Watch the crown (12) out to the position of II, and backward rotation until needed to display the moon (11).

What's the week of the MIDO Watch

Each press button (15), the date (week (9)) will move forward one day.

Note: not in the evening 10 pm to 2 am. Set the date, 3 in the morning to 4 in the morning when the moon or set between 9:30 in the evening to midnight set between week. So please adjust as much as possible during the day, so as not to damage the watch, because the earlier time points are low gear teeth, frequent movements will damage the internal parts of the watch.

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