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Do you know the buckle of the, enjoy the life Watch  2018-01-09

The watch buckle is a device in the middle part of the watch strap, which is made of stainless steel and titanium metal. The watch buckle is made up of the buckle face and the bottom frame, and one end of the buckle face and the bottom frame are connected with the watch belt respectively. The button surface as one slot, the bottom surface of a circular button and buttonhole on the chassis underframe by mutual locking nail; the bottom of the frame, long arm and short arm, the long arm and the short arm end of the frame bottom and rotating connection, and the other end of the long arm of the watch band is connected, and the other end of the short arm of the button surface connected.


The mainstream type of clasp on the market
The advantages of the watch buckle

The watch buckle has the advantages of fastness, hard deformation, strong integrity, elegant beauty, easy to repair and so on.

Watch buckle type

The popular watch buckle mainly has the following several kinds: folding buckle, belt buckle, pin buckle, buttons, folding clasp, hook buckle, butterfly.


A Watch Folding Button

Illustration: a watch pin buckle

Illustration: watch belt buckle

Illustration: watch button

Illustration: Watch folding clasp

Illustration: a watch hook

Illustration: Butterfly watch buckle

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