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Changing process of watch, enjoy the life Watch  2018-02-05

Watch watch watch is almost the mirror surface most, everyday wear will inevitably have some impact or friction, slowly table mirror in smooth and translucent, with scratches, cracks and so on, this time we must change the table mirror, if you ask the price of the watch mirror, can only say that you have to see what the watch is cheap. Need to carry the same specifications, not expensive, can be installed, the watch mirror has three kinds, sapphire crystal, organic glass, mineral glass mirror, organic glass resistance percussion, non friable, easy to scratch, scratch sapphire crystal is more expensive, almost does not exist, but not resistant to impact, easily broken. The middle, mineral glass is caught in front of two. Let's talk about how the watch changes the lens.

Step 1: dismantle the lens

The first step is to open the back cover of the watch, and open it with the aid of the tool (opening meter), carefully remove a whole core and so on, and then push it out of the table.

Step 2: install the lens

Change the watch glass, in the mouth is configured inside the watch glass ring, then the watch glass is arranged in the case when the notch, glass table 3/4 has entered the watch competition slot, with four fingers of his left hand hold the watch shell cover. Press the thumb position watch glass center, right thumb to not enter the worst case. The edge of the glass table and tried to squeeze in the concave tank, until the fourth week of the watch glass barrier into the watch shell. It is best to use the cap forceps, and the use of the rubber cap forceps can make all the forces of the watch glass uniformly force, and the glass edge of the watch can be pressed at once. However, the inside and outer diameter of the watch glass must be chosen accurately, otherwise the watch glass will be crushed. In the case of the pile, the hand is tried once in the case of no tightening ring. If it can be installed, the outer diameter is suitable and the amines cover clamp is pressed into the watch.

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