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SevenFriday, by Daniel Niederer was established in 2012 in Switzerland, inspired by CRT TV, the movement is beautiful uni-data system core, through skilled watchmakers, into a fantastic work. Since its launch, it has been popular in Europe and America due to its excellent design and fashionable appearance. This brand began to enter China in 2013, but there is no franchised store at present. It can be seen from the official website that it is sold by cooperation. SevenFriday has launched three series, a total of six tables. The follow-up will launch a more colorful version of cool. From the sense of design and manufacturing, the main customers are young and middle-aged friends around 18-40 years old. SevenFriday watch movement is selected from Japan Miyota 82S7 movement. Watch movement performance quite satisfactory, the price is relatively low, the overall pay more attention to the sense of design, meet the needs of the wearing of trendsetter watches. At present, three series are introduced, namely industrial elements, industrial revolution and industrial engines. Each series has two different representatives. All the series choose the large dial design of 47mm. The simple and retro design shows the spirit of punk after the industrial age. SevenFriday, meaning that every day of the week is Friday, showing a relaxed and comfortable attitude towards life!
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